NFT Global

NFT Global Platform

NFT Global is a revolutionary NFT marketplace for lovers of crypto and NFTs. Built on the Binance network, we're transforming the NFT industry and making NFTs more available and accessible.
Our company was one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Switzerland with more than 5M USD in sales in the first year (2020). Our team is tech-savvy with experience in influencer marketing and other traffic methods. We have supported and invested in Bitcoin since 2017. We have seen the possibilities in the crypto and blockchain space. This is why we are launching NFT Global. We want to make NFTs accessible to people with no prior crypto knowledge. We plan to transform the art market and contribute to the growth of the multi-billion industry, playing a significant role as the first project to bring NFTs to the mainstream market.
Beyond having a marketplace for NFTs, we also plan to provide an educational system for people to learn more about NFTs. This will strengthen our plan to bring NFTs to the mainstream. Every month-end, we will make live auctions with exclusive NFT on our page. We will launch NFT Global worldwide in six languages so everyone can participate and be part of this new wave. Our customers will even have the possibility to buy with a credit card and other non-crypto currencies.